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Announcing our NDR Platform, Derant Angle

Network Monitoring

We don’t believe in AI when It comes to detect skilled adversaries in the network.

That’s why we have developed Derant Angle, a Network Detection and Response platform (NDR), which we launch to the public today.

Based on our many years of experience as defenders, we see the need for transparency and insight into the basic data you use in daily security operations. Often, we have seen a lot of noise and systems don’t allow necessary tuning. This leads to missed detections of cyberattacks.

Our platform is a cloud-based solution that enables network defenders and security teams to build a very detailed and comprehensive baseline of user’s networks. It provides full transparency and insight in the data and no magic black boxes.

We have used our approach and technology to deliver services to defense and critical industries since 2015. We have now built these into a SaaS offering.

Our goal as defenders is that organisations across industries get the possibility to establish a very detailed baseline of their communication around critical environments, especially now when NIS2 is coming to Europe and with the rapidly changing threat landscape.

Start defending with today with Derant Angle!

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