CISO or Security Manager

As CISO or Security Manager, there is a constant challenge between balancing Protection, Detection and Response, both from a technical and organisational perspective.

Up to 90% of successful attacks are due to human error.

Derant is the last line of defence, detecting hackers getting past your automated protection systems. We prevent the consequences of human errors within an organisation or IT department.

Our threat intelligence provides unique insights into what is going on in the network, including inappropriate and damaging employee behaviour.

With our specifically designed solutions we’ve proven our competence at detecting hidden hackers in two out of three networks, and on a frequent basis, detecting hackers who bypass your automated systems – before they even access or damage your vital systems and data.

As a managed service, Derant experts perform analysis and detection on your network, leading to a comprehensive understanding of activities from within, as well as a prioritised list of key anomalies to look into. When you are compromised, we will remove the hackers from the network. Our service is based on direct, face-to-face interactions between our analysts and yourself.

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