Security Consultants and SOCs

Derant’s unique tools enable Security Consultants and SOCs to offer a new range of services to their existing clients, including added consultancy work for the consultants.

The advantages for the Security Consultants and SOCs include:

  • A unique differentiator
  • Driver for additional consultancy work
  • Subscription based revenue – not on/off
  • Become a trusted partner: regular meetings with client
  • Increased insight into client network and business
  • Complements the client’s existing solutions & consultancy usage
  • Driver for incident response assignments

What our customers say:

  • “Last line of defence” – detects attacks automated solutions don’t
  • “New, valuable insight into own network setup and usage”
  • “Saves us from consequences of human mistakes”
  • “They have my back” – conducting the analyses they can’t

Derant will ensure you and your staff is adequately trained in using the solutions, providing additional value for your clients.

If desired, Derant can provide extra support for your first client cases and conduct ‘on-the-project’ training.

Provided below are key solutions, used by Derant consultancy partners to provide additional value to their clients.

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Services the solutions enable you to offer your clients