DPO, Data Protection Officers

Smaller data breaches are easily handled, but larger ones require preparation and access to the right data to respond timely and accordingly. Often, DPOs do not have a budget for solutions facilitating data breaches due to compromises.

Optimal preparedness for GDPR data breaches combines legal and technical data preparedness with the appropriate support.

Derant has, with one of the leading law firms within GDPR, a data breach preparedness solution, enabling any DPO for any GDPR event, optimising response time and minimising risk of unnecessary damage and publicity.

The GDPR solution from Derant can also be used as a component in Compromise Detection, which detects intruders and raises the security level of the company. A combined GDPR and security solution can pave the way for DPOs gaining access to the right data and support for data breaches.

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