C-level and Board of Director Security Services

How do you as top management and Board take responsibility for securing the company assets against attacks?

Independent detection services answering the key question: “Is the company compromised today?”
Ensuring the management and board of directors take a pro-active and direct responsibility for securing the company assets and living up to their objective responsibility.
Documentation that no compromises can be found in the network. Trust in company from third parties, both public and partners. Documentation that management and board has checked the key issue: Are our assets safe?

The first cases of stock holder law suits against companies, due to IT-compromises have already been seen.

It is no longer enough for management and board members just to ask a CIO or a security manager whether the security is adequate. The board members need to take active responsibility for cyber security.

The average time for a compromise to be discovered is 100-200 days. Once discovered, the compromises can have caused serious damage.

The key questions for management and board to address independently are:

  • Is the company compromised today?
  • Can we detect an advanced compromise as it happens?

Derant answers these questions and discovers compromises in more than 2 of 3 networks. Analysis is performed by the leading experts in the field and without risk of influencing operations.

The activities must be initiated by Management and Board to live up to responsibility and ensure independent security checks from a business perspective.

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