Compromise Assessment

Are you already compromised?

Analysis and detection project which finds and removes hidden intruders already in the network.
Removing hidden hackers already in the network. Ensuring a clean baseline for future security setup. Identification of technical vulnerabilities and security incidents.
  • Reducing risk of downtime, loss & compromise of data and cost for Incident Response.
  • Documentation towards stake holders that the organisation and its assets are not compromised.
  • Unique insights into network activities.
  • Living up to responsibility of ensuring good governance.

Most companies with good security are compromised without knowing. Derant finds hidden hackers in more than 2 of 3 investigated networks.

To ensure your network is not already compromised, Derant carries out a Compromise Assessment based on Derant’s proprietary tools and experts. It finds even the most advanced hidden intruders who have circumvented existing defence mechanisms.

The Compromise Assessment can be performed on administrative networks as well as production networks, SCADA & IoT with proprietary protocols.

A Compromise Assessment is carried out when it is important to have a clean baseline and have certainty that the network and assets are not compromised. Situations include when you

  • Upgrade your security setup
  • Have suspicion about at breach or compromise
  • Need documentation that the network is non-compromised (e.g. in M&A situations, towards authorities, towards partners etc.)
  • Need to document that your security setup works

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