Managed Detection and Fight-back

Do you know when hackers by-pass your security? And can you fight back?

Continuous detection as a service, based on expert analysis and In-house probe(s), internal/external analysis server and proprietary analysis tools. Including Incident Response.
Early detection of compromises when your automated solutions have been hacked. Insight into damaging human errors & behaviour. Remove hackers before they do harm. “Last line of defence”
  • Reducing risk of downtime, loss & compromise of data and cost for Incident Response.
  • Reducing cost for incident response by early detection.
  • Unique understanding of your network activities.
  • Living up to responsibility of ensuring good governance.
  • Independent check of network security.

On average, it takes 100-200 days before a compromise is discovered. Once discovered, the compromises can have caused serious damage.

Derant’s leading experts perform continuous anomaly analysis of your network traffic, identifying subtle abnormalities revealing both known and unknown advanced attackers and suspicious activities in the network. The data foundation is Derant’s non-intrusive, passive network probe situated inside your network.

Through regular updates, you are kept up to date with what is happening in your network and guided to the few, important suspicious network activities - activities that could become future compromises.

When you are compromised, you are informed immediately and Derant’s experts will guide on what to do.

Derant’s experts do’ not try to guess what a hacker will do – they identify the non-approved activities.

Up to 90% of all compromises are due to human mistakes, either by the users or in the IT-department (forgotten patches, firewalls working differently than expected, configuration errors etc.). Derant normally finds the compromises due to human mistakes, before they do damage.

Derant performs the detection on administrative networks as well as production networks, SCADA & IoT with proprietary protocols.

Current clients describe Derant’s solution as “last line of defence” – the solution that detects compromises that have surpassed existing security measures.

The solution is also offered as a self-service solution. See In-house Compromise Detection & Network Insights.

Contact us to hear how we can provide your last line of defence against compromises already in your network.