GDPR Breach Preparedness

Can you get your data straight in 72 hours when the big data breach hits you?

A combination of legal support and technical data recording preparedness, in collaboration with one of the leading law firms, enabling a DPO for any GDPR event.
Being prepared to respond timely and correctly in case of a major data breach or entirely avoid the data breach.
Avoiding costly, panic-based response to data breaches. Avoiding the need for going public with data breaches. Contain data breaches, to as little impact as possible.

Experience from the first year with GDPR shows that most companies experience a number of small data breaches that are easy to handle. The challenges have been major data breaches, especially if combined with a compromise. The 72 hours have proven to be far from sufficient.

Key challenges during a larger data breach and/or compromise:

  • Compromise and breach data are not readily available
  • Legal and technical questions & activities converge
  • Communication to authorities and the public happen before extent is known
  • Cost of handling a breach is very expensive, especially if not prepared
  • Data-focused hacker attacks are more frequent and increasingly difficult to detect

Preparation and preparedness are key.

Derant’s GDPR data recording engine, enable organisations to respond fast and clarify extent of compromise. Further, in some cases it can prevent data breaches all together.

Combined with the integrated legal-technical framework, an organisation is capable of handling any data breach situation timely, correctly and at optimal cost.

The optimal preparedness for GDPR data breaches is a combination of legal and technical data preparedness, combined with the correct support. Derant has, with one of the leading law firms, a data breach preparedness offering, that enables any DPO for any GDPR event, optimising the response time and minimising risk of unnecessary damage and publicity. Can be combined with compromise offering to minimise the risk of the actual data breaches.

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