Mergers & Acquisitions Security Services

How do you secure the assets and keep down cyber risk during an M&A?

Compromise Due Dilligence
Protects your deal, both as acquisition target and buyer. Technical-legal security services reducing cyber influence on price, risk and legal claims.

For buyer the Compromise Due Diligence:

  • Exposes hidden cyber risk cost
  • Brings down risk profile of deal
  • Ensures actual value of deal is fixed

For seller the Compromise Due Diligence helps:

  • Avoiding unnecessary price squeeze
  • Avoiding termination of deal
  • Bringing down risk profile of deal
  • Ensuring actual value of deal is fixed

Online attacks influence an increasing number of M&A, either preventing the deal or having significant influence on price, risk and legal claims from owners, investors and more.

Together with a leading law firm within M&A, Derant offers specific technical-legal security services, lowering the risk for both target and acquirer.

Compromise Due Diligence:

To bring down risk profile, ensure value and expose hidden cyber risk cost, a Compromise Due Diligence is key. The compromise due diligence answers they key questions:

  • Is the target company compromised today?
  • Has the company been compromised the last 5 years?

This can be supplemented with:

  • Is the cyber security fitting the threat picture of the target company?

Both parties of an acquisition need to ensure that they detect any compromise before and during an M&A, in order to counter it.