Do you want to take your employee security capabilities to next level and become self-sufficient?

Standard and tailored training programmes for public and private organisations as well as governments.
To raise the competence level of employees in order take control of the security in-house including self-detection of attacks.
Increased security competences. Ability to self-detect. Reducing dependency on external suppliers.

Derant’s experts have many years’ experience training and educating IT experts in offensive and defensive IT operations.

Standard training programmes include:

Compromise detection in standard networks
Purpose: Analysing standard networks and understanding standard traffic. Finding anomalies pointing towards compromises.

Compromise detection in special networks
Purpose: Advanced analyses of special networks. Finding advanced hackers. Extracting data from specific protocols, including non-standard, manufacturer specific SCADA protocols.

Security consultants and SOCs
Purpose: To enable security consultants and SOC employees take advantage of the advanced tools available to advice their clients and provide highest level of security services based on detection.

Workshop: Looking at specific traffic or specific networks to perform reverse engineering on protocols, expand functionality of sensors to include proprietary protocols etc.

For governmental actors: Tailored programmes for building coherent offensive and defensive capabilities based on non-intrusive detection and surveillance systems.