VIP Cyber Security Services

How do you protect individuals who are targets for dedicated attacks?

Tailored programme to ensure information security for special sensitive cases, business areas accessed by few people or high target individuals.
Prevent personal attacks becoming a liability. With support from leading experts.
The ability to withstand advanced attacks. Protect individuals and highly sensitive data for specific projects. Avoid black-mail and publicity of sensitive information.

Employees, CEOs, board of directors and other people with access to special sensitive and/or valuable information are increasingly subject to advanced, directed attacks. The attacks are performed by government actors, competitors, cyber criminals and advanced activists.

Known individual targets have been seen in

  • Financial institutions.
  • News media.
  • Wealthy/public families.
  • Politicians.
  • Public figures.
  • M&A companies.
  • CEO, board members, specialists etc…
  • etc.

By creating a VIP cyber security programme, you not only protect your assets, but also your employees and affiliates.

A tailored security programme, based on standard available components, will be aimed to prevent personal attacks becoming a liability for organisations.

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