Collaborative Cyber Defence

Inexpensive probes and central solution for several organisations, where each organisation decides what to share and receive
Enabling several organisations e.g. SMEs, a cluster, an industrial organisation, municipalities etc. to share and defend as a whole, rather than individually. Through collaborations, cost can be reduced and security increased.

Today, organisations defend themselves as individual fortresses, sharing only very limited attack and compromise information. The consequence is high security cost for each organisation and a development of singular self-defence experiences against the same attackers with the same means.

Derant Collaborative Cyber Defence allows organisations to work together and share information regarding anonymised attacks and compromises. All participants can decide to what extent they share information and see what information has been shared.

A central operations centre can be part of the solution, where an appointed organisation can keep an overview of the attack picture.

The solution does not replace existing infrastructure or protection means, and it is independent on network type. Therefore, it can be applied directly across diverse organisations with different levels of maturity.

The central organisation can be an industry organisation offering it as a security to its members, a public organisation, an SOC or a member of the collaboration.

Form your own society of Collaborative Cyber Defence or join an existing one. Contact us for more details.