GDPR Breach Data

Cost-efficient recording of live network traffic and logging of data through non-intrusive probes
To record data, which can be easily accessed and analysed in case of a data breach, while clarifying the extent of the data breach and the response needed towards authorities, individuals and collaboration partners.

Minor data breaches (a stolen laptop, a wrong email etc.) are easily handled, but major data breaches, with or without a compromise, constitute a challenge to most organisations – especially when they have 72 hours to react.

With Derant Breach Data solution, data is recorded and easily accessed in case of a data breach. There is no longer the need to hope the right logs are in place.

The solution is cost efficient, and the data stored takes up very little storage space, saving on storage cost of traditional logging. Further, it is non-intrusive, hence only noticed when data is needed.

The solution can be expanded with an analysis server, enabling early detection of compromises – either preventing a data breach or ensuring additional time to respond.

For further details, also see Derant’s service GDPR Breach Preparedness, created in collaboration with one of the leading law firms within GDPR.