Detection of Attacks via Mobile Networks – IMSI-catcher-catching

Small, inexpensive radios and central analysis with alarm generation
To detect when outsiders get access to mobile network traffic close to your facilities and log the users in the area.

For less than $500 and YouTube instructions, it is possible to access mobile phone traffic for all nearby mobile phones. Access is gained to the actual mobile data (Man-in-the-Middle attacks) and insight provided into who is in the area, without the users noticing.

If your organisation is using a mobile network and has sensitive information or requires secrecy concerning who is visiting you, you are prone to mobile attacks.

In Derant’s experience, these attacks occur on average once a month, in a city with large private or public organisations.

Derant’s COTS-based IMSI-catcher-catcher (Derant IMSICC) detects even minor deviations in the mobile network landscape, exposing and intercepting attacks on mobile data and voice via fake base stations nearby.

Derant’s IMSICC can be deployed in a stand-alone configuration for either permanent, online setup or a temporary setup during special events with higher probability of Man-in-the-Middle attacks.