Production and Infrastructure Security, SCADA & IoT

In-house probe(s), internal/external analysis server and analysis tools
Detecting compromises when your automated solutions have been hacked and helps against in-house human errors and behaviour, while providing an increased understanding of your network, as well as for legacy equipment.

Derant Compromise Detection for Production & Infrastructure detects non-approved activities in your production network, surveillance network or IoT network, adapting to the specific protocols. The solution has detected non-approved, harmful activities in proprietary networks, including SCADA based networks.

Legacy equipment may be the biggest threat to many production and surveillance networks in all industries, including health care, utilities, PLC-networks etc. When end-points can’t be protected, a detection capability placed centrally in the network is vital in detecting attacks and harmful activities.

The same thinking applies to IoT solutions without inherent security. A central security capability, analysing all traffic in the IoT network, may be the only way to secure the network from unauthorised use.

Derant’s solution is based on several years of analysis and live detection of compromises in networks containing both new and legacy equipment.

Case story: Utility increased security through a compromise assessment for production networks.

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