Distributed Network Defence / National Cyber Defence / SOC

In-house network of probes, central analysis server, analysis tools and network dashboard
Detecting compromises and anomalies within and across several sites, connected or non-connected. Oversee and explore trends, and analyse networks in depth, while providing increased understanding and insight.

For larger organisations with several sites, the distribution of the in-house network can be utilised as a security advantage, rather than a challenge.

Derant’s Distributed Network Angle analyses data across sites and detects compromise anomalies both locally and as an overall network. With supported innovative analysis tools and alarm dash boards, the organisation is equipped to the best of its abilities in order to detect and fight back any compromise.

For governments, with cost-effective probes distributed across the nation, Derant Nationwide Angle analyses attack patterns nationally to identify upcoming attacks against public interests or certain industries. Deep anomaly detection in selected organisations enables detection and fight-back state-sponsored attackers. Data insights and analysis supports the in-house knowledge and capabilities necessary to defend a nation.

For SOCs, Derant Network Angle provides a unique opportunity to provide additional analysis and defence services for clients, including the opportunity to locate hidden hackers already in the network, while also recording long-term forensics data utilising little space.

A special version of the Distributed Network Defence is Derant’s [Collaborative Cyber Defence](id:solutoin/cyber defence), enabling the collaboration and sharing of anonymised data across individual organisations.